$100 Million is Spent in Billings Advertising Every Year

$100 million dollars in Billings advertising every year.  The idea of that kind of money poured into marketing in Billings could make your head explode.  The most stunning part of that number is $50 million dollars will be flat wasted.

Wasted as in does not accomplish its intended goal of increasing your traffic (either store or online) which in turn should make your top line even bigger.

Now would be a great time to stop wasting money.

Three ways to Stop Wasting your Billings advertising dollars

Here are three ways you can stop wasting your valuable advertising dollars.

Get a plan.  One of the biggest reasons for wasted marketing is a failure to plan.  If you don’t have specific ideas of what you are doing for your Christmas advertising and marketing right now (July 27), you do not have a plan.

Be consistent and relentless.  Conditions change.  Slumps occur as do windfalls.  Business falling off or the economy slowing down a bit is a reason to push forward with any Billings advertising you were planning on doing.  Precisely because your competition has decided to pull their money out of the market.  People still have needs.  If your product meets their needs, but you don’t tell them about it–why are you still in business. More fortunes are made by pressing forward in difficult times than are ever made when te money is raining down all around you.

Get help.  Believe it or not, you can get a high quality, experienced Billings advertising agency to work with you for no money.  The money these agencies earn is based on the your ad spend with various Billings media.  There is at least one Billings advertising agency who will do your work on a commission only basis–and you are not paying the commission.

Pick Your Billings Advertising Agency Carefully

If you choose to go with a Billings advertising agency, stay focused on the idea of no out of pocket expense.  Many small business men and women get themselves so wound up with  making marketing decisions, they miss the big picture.  A good advertising agency is worth its weight in gold.

There are other tactics you can use to focus your Billings advertising money to be as effective as possible.  For example, you could research your market before you spend,  get the best ad rate in whatever media you choose to use (cheaper is not always best), and/or develop high quality, effective copy.

A professional Billings advertising agency will never ask you for a retainer or fee for advice or for placing your media purchase.  If you are asked for either, see my piece on “Fly by Night” advertising agencies.

Getting quality professional help at no charge would be first on my list to save your money and maybe even your business.








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