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Google said it.  At least one LinkedIn group wondered about it.  The premise is 58% of businesses in Montana are without a website.  Does that really matter in the effectiveness of your Billings advertising?Should you have a website to help your Billings advertising

Let’s try the question a different way.

If someone wanted to compare your business with a competitor, would you want to tell your business story personally or allow a third party bot to give your side of the story?

Where’s the website- Pest Control advertising in Billings

That is what happens when you do not have a website to help with marketing your company. If you want a great example of that try the keyword “pest control Billings MT”.

Outside the “places” advertising from Google (the map) there are NO local pest control business showing on the front page.  Dex, SuperPages, and YellowPages love the traffic they are being sent.  In a business where price and service are highly important, why leave your Billings advertising to someone else?

Getting Your Business Online Gets Billings Advertising You Control

Google recently did their “Montana Get Your Business Online” seminar in Billings.  The total participation by my count was 49.  I think the number of Google employees and promotion people on site out numbered the participants as best I could tell.

Google clearly has an agenda here.  They want you online so you might begin using their adwords product for your Billings advertising.

A Website is NOT Enough

Having a website is not going to do anything for your Billings advertising.  The reality of any website is unless you are on Google’s front page for the keyword prospects use to look for you, you don’t really have a website.  The fortunate part in Billings is there are generally not 10 businesses in a single category so you can win your front page relatively easily.

Getting to the front page of Google is a topic for a different post, but getting there is a requirement if you are going to derive any traffic from your website.

Key Points for your website

A couple of other notes on creating websites to help with your Billings advertising of your business.

  1. Pretty does not matter.  Getting to the front page of Google does
  2. Your company name does not matter.
  3. What you do, what you sell, what words people use to look for you is what matters
  4. You should not pay a lot of money to “build” a web site.  There are Billings web companies who still charge thousands for a proprietary site that is difficult to update.
  5. If you can type, you can control and edit your own web site
  6. Getting on line is step one.  (hence the 58% NOT online in the Google claim)
Google offered a deal in connection with Intuit to get you online quickly.  A free template based web site, site hosting, and domain name for a year.  There was no catch in the offer, but there were a few restrictions

In Billings Advertising Websites Are A Must

The original question, should your business have a website to help with your Billings advertising.  The answer is an overwhelming yes.
Websites are virtually a business requirement today.  They don’t need to cost a fortune to get setup.  The harder part is the marketing behind the site to get it onto the front page of Google.  At that point using a quality Billings advertising company who is expert in all forms of marketing can be your secret weapon.


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