Questions for Your Billings Advertising Strategy

Billings advertising starts with good strategyStrategy is the most important part of your planning. When you are building your Billings advertising strategy knowing the right questions to ask is invaluable.   There are a number of things to consider.  Professional help from a Billings advertising agency is one of those things.

Before you ever get to that point, here’s a jump start on questions to have at hand when you are thinking about marketing or advertising your business.

Questions To Consider When Developing A Billings Advertising Strategy

Does my product have a lot of competition in its category? If so, it will require more
patience, discipline and dedication to achieve results and a “breakthrough” in the
advertising clutter.

Does my creative message demonstrate my Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Is my USP stated in a simple, but powerful, compelling and memorable manner?
Was the media choice the best to reach my desired audience?
Is more frequency required to achieve results?

Maximizing Your Billings Advertising Dollars

Why should I advertise?

Any business should advertise if they have something to sell or they wish to achieve a positive public perception about their product.

I tried advertising one time and I expected a lot of walk-ins but nobody came? Why?

The truth is there are so many reasons why an ad may not work and each case needs to examined separately to determine what may have gone wrong.

Billings advertising can be expensive, what are my options and how can I get the word out on a minimal budget?

I cannot emphasize enough that, whether you are spending $20,000 or $2,000,000 annually, you need a strategy! Keep it simple and do not try to say or do too much. Stay focused on your unique message (USP). Nearly every medium will work if you understand the media’s strengths, and weaknesses, and
target those correctly.

What is an advertising agency?

An advertising agency is a marketing professional that generally works as an offsite marketing department to your company as needed. This allows various companies to afford a professional advertising campaign without bearing the weight of hiring additional employees. Advertising agencies vary greatly in their capabilities. Media buying, creative execution and public relations are some basic service offered.

Why should I consider hiring the services of an ad agency?
Would you like to grow? Would you like to see your advertising dollars spent more effectively? Would you like a competitive and professional image? Would you like to have more time? If you answered yes, you should seriously consider working with a trustworthy advertising agency.

Is hiring a Billings advertising agency going to cost me more?

A good advertising agency should maximize your advertising effectiveness while working with your designated budget.

How can I find an ad agency to suit my needs and budget?

If you are currently working with media reps, as them for recommendations. Meet with local agencies and ask for references. Visit with agency representatives. After all, good agency representation can become one of the most valuable business relationships you will ever have. They are the custodian of your public image. And, lastly, find agency that loves advertising and is passionate about what they do….just as you

After I signed a contract with an ad agency, and it is not working out – what should I do?

Openly discuss the problem with the agency principal. They will either fix the problem or provide a fair exit plan.

This article has been written in a lot of different forms and by a number of authors.  I hope is has helped you come to grips with what you might need in your advertising efforts.  I would encourage you to check the services of a Billings advertising agency to at least get a feel for what help is available.  The cost should be zero and you may get a huge boost in your business for your time investment.


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