Where Do Customers Come From?

Billings Advertising from Word of Mouth and 20 other waysIn your Billings advertising efforts, do your customers come from word of mouth, reading about you in a magazine, spot you in one of the seems like 12 local phone books, see you on TV, catch your photo on a bus bench, find your ad in one of the 100 or more print publications lying around City Brew, or some other way?

Do your customers just wander by your store front, come by recommendation, visit your website, see your cable TV ad, catch a tweet, hear you on the radio, see a website display ad, find a coupon in the mail, follow your Facebook page, get an e-mail from your company or a competitor, spot you in the Gazette, see your billboard at Dehler Park or on the Little League field at Central Park?

In spite of your Billings Advertising or because of it?

Where do your customers come from and is it your Billings advertising work that makes it happen?

All of the above.

And none of the above.

There is approximately $100 million dollars spent in various segments of Billings advertising.  When you see all the forms advertising can take like the above examples, that number is pretty understandable.  With that amount of money being spent, standing out and making sure customers know about you is hard work.

The next question is the real tough one.

How do you know your customers come from where you think they do?  I had a client the  who counted the number of radios tuned to stations where he advertised to determine his buy.   Another whose ego picked up whenever someone said they saw him on television. Customers many times don’t even know how they found you, they just think you may have the solution to their challenge.

Digital products give you a great way to track exact actions.  But, even that tracking may not be always accurate.

Here is the definitive answer to the first question about Billings advertising

Customers come from problems needing a solution. When a prospect is motivated to find an answer to an issue, you have a customer.

At that moment in time, will your customer find you or someone else to fix it?

How your Billings advertising program is handled will determine who gets the first shot at the business.



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