A Pile of Overpriced Marketing on My Lawn

Marketing in Billings usually has a lot of noise attached to it.  But I’m not sure if a thud is really the sound you want associated with your marketing.

I had just made a short walk to my mailbox.  It is not in front of the house, instead its one of those group boxes on the corner.  I was just walking into the garage when I heard it “plop” loudly behind me.

Yellow Plastic Marketing Mess

Turning, I saw it.  A big plastic bag with a yellow book inside it lying on my grass.  I’m sure  inside the book is filled with ads and Billings marketing materials.  I won’t ever know.

Like most people in Billings, I won’t even open the plastic to get to the book. I’d put it in the dumpster but it strikes me its a perfectly good waste of paper and landfill space.

Even phone directories own research tells you they are not effective.  Look at this graph.

Billings marketing in phone directories










Even the directories own research is showing more people find businesses online than in the phone directory.  While the directories still have their marketing supporters in Billings, their cost is astronomical compared to the other media listed on the chart.

For example, it is well known Billings is one of the least expensive radio markets in the state.  Competition is one big reason.

Print Marketing Works With Older Audiences

It is also not surprising to note the three biggest complimentary media to directories are also print based.  A higher percentage of print is consumed by older audiences.  A chart like this is more of a reflection of demographic targeting than it is a reflection of the media value.

Yet, directory companies continue to sell and business owners continue to over spent on a medium whose best day is when it plops in the driveway.

I’m just glad it missed the flowers.


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