Back to School–Billings Marketing School

Billings marketing goes back to schoolWith school starting in Billings this week, I was thinking about how each year began.  We began to rehash everything we had learned at the end of the previous school year.  The idea was you could not move forward with new material until the old was covered.  The same thing applies in your Billings marketing too.

There’s a couple of trusims in marketing.  One, is we get so busy at times we stop doing the things that always worked.  Two, the basics are always the basics.  If you get lost, look back at the start.

Today, I want to encourage you to look at the start of your business before you market it.  Nothing will kill a bad business like good marketing.  The reverse is also true.

Six Basics of Billings Marketing

Here are six questions to return you to the basics of good marketing;

  1. Who is my prospective client and what good or service can I provide them to solve their problem?
  2. What makes my solution better (cheaper, faster, more convenient) than others on the market today?
  3. Who makes or delivers a service similar to mine in my market area?
  4. What is my USP? (unique selling proposition) How am I different from my competition?
  5. What kinds of media do my prospects (the people who buy my products) use?  This could be internet web sites, radio or television stations, certain print publications, direct mail, etc.
  6. How will I communicate my USP in places my prospect frequents?

Chances are you have known these answers and lived by them at the beginning of your business.  It is possible, especially in Billings, you have been in business for awhile and forgotten about being a startup.

The Independent Professors in Billings Marketing Agencies

A good way to get back on track heading into the new school year and holiday time is to go back to school yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little guidance from people who have been teaching and working in Billings marketing for a long time.  You might consider these professionals as your own personal tutor in getting marketing help.  Just like going back to school, no one ever lost by applying the basics to their new year.


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