Billings Advertising Focus–Radio

There are 20+ different types of media channels you could use to in Billings marketing and advertising.  Let’s take a couple of moments and look closer at one of the twenty.

Radio can be the king of effectiveness for your Billings marketing efforts.  Effectiveness, defined as a direct increase in your revenue or traffic–your top line.

I saw an article from a business journal and realized that if “radio” was substituted for the words “print” and “newspaper”; and “programs” was substituted for “special sections”, then this article could be about radio

How Billings Marketing Works in Radio

The key for many small businesses is being able to demonstrate any Billings marketing works.  Radio included. Radio works well to reach local audiences.  I had a client recently who decided radio didn’t work after he counted the number of cars whose radio was tuned to a specific station.  That’s as effective as counting the pages a newspaper was left open on a chair.  It doesn’t mean anything.  Then again, this particular client like seeing his face on TV.  So what media is the king in your Billings marketing.

The one that works is a simple answer.

Copy is the master skill in Billings marketing

Copy is the most important skill in all advertising.  From a copywriters perspective, radio’s words and sound can create a custom image for each listener.  Let the listener become a vested part in the advertising they hear by completing the image with their own ideas, to let them ‘see’ themselves using the product/service.  (Norman Rockwell called this “Frameline Magnetism” – the viewer completing the image past the frame of the drawing.  The picture only shows the left half, but your mind completes the right have in your head).

Here’s a great example of this kind of imagery. First, see a girl on a hill.  (see the girl?)  Now you didn’t just see a girl on a hill, you saw how old she was, what she was wearing, what kind of day it was, what kind of hill she was on.  You completed the image to your individual thoughts and ideas, and the image you created is yours alone.

The Marketing is in Your Mind

Every other advertising medium (TV, print, outdoor, online) will show you their picture and ask you to relate to it.  Only radio shows you your own picture, unique to you.  With good copy you can put the listener into a store buying your product or service.

Think of it this way.  The first buying opportunity is always the most difficult decision.  If your copy can  remove the concern of making a chance or doing something for the first time, you are way ahead.  It’s important the listener sees themselves in the store, rather than the pretty photos you see in other forms of media. Your ad can help your prospect overcome their fear of the “new thing” and lead them to your business.

That is one of the major advantages of radio in your Billings marketing mix.

The challenges in local radio come from talent and solid copy.  In most instances in Billings radio advertising, the sales person is your copywriter.

It will show up in effectiveness of your ad spend.  The bottom line.  Did your Billings marketing make your top line grow?  If the answer is no, get some free help and advice.


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