How This Billings Marketing Agency is Different

The quality of a Billings marketing or advertising company is not their fancy portfolios, big teams of designers, writers, or even their testimonials from people who have benefited from their work.

The real world judgment of a Billings marketing company is really one thing and one thing only.

How’s your top line?

Did your top line get bigger when you used them?  Did the ideas they brought to the forefront make you more money or not?

It’s not flowery comments, or great graphics, or even how well they spend your money to market your company.

Did the Billings marketing company add to your top line?

Its the difference in a marketing company being an expense or a partner in your company’s success.  There is a funny joke about a Billings marketing company. And it applies here.

You could have your own Billings marketing company working for you.  Your “in house”
advertising agency in other words.  Your own in house company working for you. No hiring out to someone else to do the work.  No worrying about whether you are getting your full money’s worth.  It’s your own “in house” agency.

Your “In house” Billings marketing company

There was such a Billings marketing company called the “In House Agency” a few years ago.  That company had a a few simple premises missing from Billings marketing today.

The marketing agency works for you and not the other way around. The marketing company is totally available to you on your schedule.  The cost of doing business, with a few exceptions for print and visual development, is zero.

The marketing investment for next year

Cost of ideas–zero

Cost of copy writing-zero

Cost of buying media–zero

Cost of planning the buy–zero

Cost per hour for phone consult–zero.

Responsibility for helping your top line grow–infinite.

Politics used the line a few years ago about change you can believe in. This is a real change in the way Billings marketing agencies should work.




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