Make Your Marketing Personal

Lessons in making Billings Marketing personalThis post on Billings marketing has gone through a couple different iterations based on its title.  There’s the easy way to talk about focusing your Billings marketing on a one to one basis.  Then there’s the harder discussion on that same marketing idea.  The discussion going on right now in the Chick-Fil-A offices in Atlanta after the comments of its leader Dan Cathy, or the grandstanding contribution made by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in support of his personal beliefs are a couple of examples of another way this title could take you.

Consider What You Are About to Say

I would encourage anyone thinking about making their personal positions knows, particularly controversial or political ones, take a couple of moments to think about the blow back.  If you decide the battle is worth fighting, make it a part of your company and your brand.  Embrace it and build on it.  Not everyone is going to buy your product anyway.

Years ago, I programmed a radio station in Los Angeles during the time of the Dixie Chicks anti-war comments at a concert in London, ten days before that invasion of Iraq.  You might remember the comment. “we don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States  is from Texas”. was said by the group’s lead singer Natalie Maines.  The blowback from that comment was fierce and powerful.  Most radio stations in America still do not play Dixie Chicks music.  The audience continues to speak their dislike of these comments.

Yet, after that, the Chicks scored 13 Grammy Awards and sold more than 30 million CD’s.  So much for an opinion hurting your business.

Billings Marketing is Finding the Right Customer

A wise marketing friend of mine, Ray Edwards, says it well.  Some customers are not worth the time and energy they take from you.  Fire them.  Another friend who has managed creative performers for years is open about his “no a**holes, no idiots” policy.  If you want to work with him, he selects you not the other way around.

The customer always makes the selection he feels is right for him.  In the case of the Dixie Chicks, the customer said one thing and did another.  What we attempt to do in our marketing efforts is give the customer the right information at the time of the decision to influence them to use our brand.

AIDA in your Marketing

The best way to “sell” a product is to not sell.  Using AIDA as our basis for everything we do in Billings marketing is the best way to assure business success.  Marketing is the first step in getting a prospects attention.  Followed by additional efforts to create the interest and desire for our product.  Finally, we want to see an action, a purchase occur.

Making your marketing personal is the best way to get it the attention of your prospect.  Michael Jordan made Hanes personal.  Great radio air talent make products they endorse personal.

When it comes time to ring the cash register, the product making the best personal connection wins.


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