Marketing on Cable is Cheap–Should Be Cheaper

Marketing on cable in Billings is cheap.  Because it should be.  Take a look at these numbers courtesy of

Here’s how to read this and add a Billings marketing spin to it.  The chart is based on on viewers and households.  In this case, 3.5% of the homes in the U.S.tuned into a portion of the Dallas/Oakland pre season football game.

One can assume Billings may have less than the national average interest in a football game with teams nowhere near here, but lets give the game the 3.5 rating.  There are slightly more than 52,000 homes in Yellowstone County.  The projection is then 1820 homes watched part of the game.

It better be really cheap in price.  The loss in marketing reach and value is huge.

Billings marketing on cableThere are some good reasons to use cable as part of your marketing mix.  With numbers this low, general cable should be considered one of the last places you put your marketing dollars.

Cable penetration and marketing in Billings

I’ve made arguments before about cable’s lack of penetration and clearance in the Billings market in the past.  When you look at the number of homes passed by cable and ratings like these, cable is almost a must pass.

A specifically targeted cable network or show, like home improvement with HGTV for example, is the way cable works best for Billings marketing purposes.  If you let cable become your first stop for marketing, my fear is you will pay for that with fewer sales and less revenue.


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