Media Sales, Heal Thyself

You wanted to add the word, Physician didn’t you.

Or you did if you were familiar with the proverb in Luke 4:23

That story applies today in so many areas it is scary.

For example, media sales.

When I talk about media sales, I’m talking about all the newspaper, magazine, billboard, TV, radio, transit, and other sellers who are looking to talk with you about your “advertising needs.”

First, who said I needed advertising.

I don’t.

I need customers. Better yet, I need customers who will become buyers.

Not advertising.

What about their own medicine

The next time a media seller asks you about advertising, ask them about theirs.  How much money do they spend outside their own medium to acquire customers?  Because its THOSE customers interacting with the media you are buying with your marketing money.

If they aren’t marketing to bring in new customers, why do you want to market with them?  They clearly aren’t taking their own medicine and attempting to keep their business growing.

Media Salespeople Sell but don’t buy

If marketing is such a good thing do to (and I believe it is) why does the media who talk about it the most do it the least.

There is an axiom in business I believe is absolutely true.  If you are not growing, you are dying.

The truth in print media sales and circulation

Perhaps that’s why the Billings Gazette daily circulation is around 27,000 people in Yellowstone County according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation estimates.

The next time you are approached from someone in media sales, ask them what their own company is doing to increase their circulation, readership, listenership, or viewership.  A media organization that’s trying to grow won’t have a problem outlining how they are spending their money.

The days of being able to “milk and maintain” need to be over.  Especially when businesses like yours are the ones being milked


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