Ready, Fire, Aim–Tactical Marketing in Billings and Elsewhere

Ready, fire, aim is a strategy used by many businesses. It doesn’t matter where you are marketing in Bozeman or doing Billings marketing. Hopefully one of them is your competitor. A better way to describe this way of doing business is the desire to do something, anything just to feel like you are trying.

You have heard over and over again your tactics are dictated by your strategy.  It is advice is well-worn.  There is probably not a Billings marketing or Billings advertising agent who has not focus on this absolute truism.

So if its such a truism, why are there so many businesses doing tactics before they know what they should be doing?

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing points out the obvious:

Landing on a marketing strategy that allows you to clearly demonstrate how you’re different, how you bring value and who, precisely, makes an ideal client for your business is the most important element of marketing.

Key Questions for Billings Marketing Pros

How would you answer those questions for your business.  In my experience, there are not a lot of business people who can answer these questions.  The look in the eyes of practically every business I’ve worked with when you ask the question, “where do you expect to be in five years” tells you all you need to know.

There is a step by step way to develop a strategy that takes you to your tactics.

The best part of this step by step plan is the cost.


Strategy is Most Important in Marketing in Billings and Everywhere

Strategy is the most important part of your marketing plan and one typically that gets the least focus.  When did you spend even an hour doing a SWOT matrix on your business and the ones who sell to the same customers as you?  Is your strategy the kind of “hope and pray” type of Billings marketing that evidenced in conversations everyday in town?

In an earlier blog post, I covered the idea most business people consider themselves excellent marketers. If that were the case, why do so many businesses shut their doors?

That’s easy to answer.

Not enough business caused by not enough time taken to develop a strategic difference.

The Questions Everyone in Billings Marketing Should Answer

Even answering these few questions can help you get a bit of strategic thought process going.

Try these for a moment

Who is your ideal client? Why would they buy from you and not a competitor? Do you know where they live?  Do you know what kinds of media they consume, shows they watch, cars they drive, or music they like?

These few questions just scratch the surface.  Knowing the right questions to ask will get you a powerful strategic plan.  Only then can you go to market with your tactics.

I’ve written those questions for businesses big and small in cities and towns all across the country.  If you want to get the blueprint on how to build a successful strategy, contact me.

There’s no cost.




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