Seven Tips to Improve Your Billings Marketing Effectiveness

Improving marketing effectiveness in your advertising or marketing is something we all strive to do.  Most marketing articles are written from  a “sell you my stuff” point of view.  All you want to do is make your Billings marketing work better.

This article covers some really great tips on making your business better by doing the basics really well. Mike Jennings is an English marketing consultant.

Billings Marketing Effectiveness

Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness – 7 Great Tips
By Mike G Jennings

Marketing is changing very rapidly these days, led predominantly by the internet. However the basic principals of marketing still hold good.

You still have to deliver:

  • The right message
  • To the right people
  • At the right time
  • Via the right channels

Too often, marketers and small business owners overlook the basic techniques that have created successful campaigns since time immemorial.

The following tips are not new. I enclose them simply as a reminder of the basic principals of marketing which convert prospects into customers.

Know Your Audience.

Only when you really know your audience can you fully understand their needs. Once you know their needs you will know how to fulfil those needs. Knowing and understanding your audience through proper market segmentation will lead to a well targeted campaign that generates a profitable return.

Ask yourself how well do you really know your customers.

Focus On The Offer.

Your success is dependent on your offer. Make sure that what you are offering fulfils a customer need and that it is packaged and presented in the most attractive way that makes it easy for customers to buy. Clever marketing can cover up weak and unappealing offers for a short period but for long term success your offer must hit the spot.

Split Test.

Never ever run a campaign without testing it. Split testing allows you to simultaneously test two versions of a campaign. You can test a headline, a landing page, a post card, or an email. Split testing allows you to evaluate the success of two different approaches on a small scale before rolling out the most successful version.

Don’t Sell On Price.

So many businesses fail because they sell on price alone. Wafer thin margins demand huge volumes and leave no money over for contingencies. Ultimately selling on price alone can lead to price wars, lower profitability, and often bankruptcy. Instead of focusing on price, you’d be better off focusing on creating so much value that the price becomes unimportant. Remember most people don’t buy on price, they buy on value.

Consistent Messaging.

It is vital that the customer receives the same messages throughout the entire customer experience. Whether that be advertising, email marketing, social media or a website you must ensure that all the messages are consistent and tell the same story. Inconsistent messaging will lead to customer confusion which will inexorably lead to missed sales.

Create Value After The Sale.

Once a customer has bought from you, you must focus on strengthening the relationship to ensure further sales. Existing customers are your best source of additional business. Have follow up products ready to sell to them. Keep in regular touch via email, the telephone, newsletters etc informing them of new products and services, special offers and additional relevant products. The key is to stay top of mind and demonstrate how important your customers are to you.

Utilize Multiple Marketing Channels

To rely on only one or two marketing channels is very dangerous. What happens if your primary source of generating business suddenly dries up? It is recommended that you use a minimum of five different marketing channels at any one time and preferably more like ten to twelve. You should also ensure that all your marketing, both on line and off line, support and reinforce each other.

As I said at the outset, none of these tips are new or ground breaking but they are tried and tested over decades and if applied consistently will ensure the success of your marketing.

Mike Jennings runs Business Development Advisors – a marketing consultancy based near Guildford in England. BDA does companies’ marketing for them in order to grow the business and win new customers. Please find more information at

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(editor’s note)

t’s always dangerous to recommend a specific number of “marketing channels” or “split testing” your offers.  Most of these seven tips are parts of marketing agencies spend little time in helping you consider.

Hiring a Billings marketing or advertising agency has one purpose.  Increase your top line revenue.  Running a small business is difficult.  Getting marketing help for no cost is one of the quickest ways you can make your company grow.




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