Sometimes You Got To Quit Marketing and Listen

Listening is the key to your Billings marketing effortsI know you are excited.  Who wouldn’t be?  You are getting ready to launch a Billings marketing plan you know is going to increase your traffic, add top line revenue, and make Christmas 2012 (provided the Mayans are wrong) a great year.

If you were thinking this would be a touchy feely piece on “join the conversation” or some technique for social media using Facebook or Twitter for fun and profit, it is not (even if the photo is).

Quit Marketing

For a second I want you to quit marketing and get on the other side of the equation for a moment.  Make yourself into the buyer of your product. That’s the key to any marketing, much less any Billings marketing.

For years, I’ve coached talent to get into the audience.  To see and watch the show from the seats rather than from the stage.  If you are able to do that you will increase the performance of any kind of marketing process that you do.

When you start creating a promotion or any kind of marketing, the first thing to do is be really clear about what the action you want to be taken.  Do you want web clicks, store visits, a particular purchase made, or some other result?

Once you are clear on that, ask yourself the most important question a Billings marketing person must be able to answer.

What would someone have to believe in order to take that action?”

Now that’s getting off the stage and into the audience with your marketing in Billings.

It’s also a step most people overlook.

They don’t really think through what beliefs their prospect would need to have to get them to take the desired action.  So instead of getting the buy, they end up screaming at people and not getting their message across.

If the prospect already believed, they would have already bought your product.

Once you have identified those beliefs, then start thinking about what stories might possibly have a moral built-in could help the receiver establish those beliefs?

What experiences could you share with them that would stimulate those beliefs? What research? What case studies?

You already know the answer to your Billings marketing issue

Think about your product and your beliefs.  You believe that your product, your service is the solution to your prospects problems. Somewhere you came to that belief.

Now you need to communicate that idea in an accelerated fashion. In other words, give them the same experiences that you’ve had in a way that doesn’t take them the years to realize it.

Then build your story.

And that’s how you determine what type of content, what type of experiences, and what things to share.

The blog is about Billings marketing and advertising

So let’s practice the story telling I’d use with a prospect.

This story comes from conversations with real clients who have real problems and are scared and worried.

First, marketing and advertising in Billings is an incredible jumble of different programs, ideas, media and people trying to get your money.  It can be so terribly confusing you either want to shut down and do nothing, or only do the “same thing over and over.”

I agree it is a mess of stuff.

What if your Billings marketing was like this:

So what if you could hire a team of experts to help you build your Billings advertising plan?

What if that team of experts was local, had more than 80 years of success building winning media campaigns, and was a thought leader in all forms (television, radio, billboard, web, direct mail, events, couponing, social) of marketing?

And didn’t cost you any money until you got results?  Plus paid nearly as much attention to your income stream as you do?  And stayed around to help you handle every single challenge that appeared?  It would be like hitting the lottery.

My next question might be something like, “show me what you’ve done before so I believe you.”

When you hear a story like that, you want to believe you have found the answer to your Billings marketing problems.  And you have.

About the only thing left out is the “double your money back guarantee.”  Since you aren’t paying anything up front, you could consider you already have the guarantee.

Building a Billings marketing plan is really easy–once you have the “if” right. You can hear more of how this could work for you with just a click.




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