Starting Is More Important Than Finishing in Marketing Too

Watching the Olympic Games this past week, I saw marketing for Kellogg’s that struck me.  Perhaps you saw the same ad. The ad took Olympic athlete and gold medal winner Rebecca Soni and followed her briefly during one of her runs to a world record in London.  The ad then backed up to Soni’s childhood, making the point without “once upon a time” the “happily ever afters” have zero chance to happen.

It made me think about the applications to marketing plans as well.  Until the decision to start is made, nothing can happen.

Lessons in Billings Marketing

While the Games are over, the lessons learned are not lessons of who won the medals, who came close, and who lost.  The real lesson comes from the decision to start.  The decision to pursue your passion and begin a business is something you have already done.Billings marketing is about Happy ever After moments

Taking the story further, after the decision to start came the hard work to practice, find the best quality coaches and training, and begin to build the effort needed to reach the “happily ever after” moment.

Marketing Action Steps to Take

For a moment, apply this work to your own business or service.  You determined there was a need for what you were bringing to market.  With apologies to the current political dust up, “you built it”, and now you need to make people aware of what your product does.  Better still, how your product will solve their problem.

It is your marketing that matches closely with the idea of training.  You are at the same point in your business the swimmer’s family was in the cereal ad.  They had reached their “once upon a time “.

Think about marketing your business in Billings with the same seriousness Olympic swimmers put into their training and selection of a coach. When you do, you will be looking for the best Billings marketing agency you can find.  A marketing agency that has been part of more “once upon a times”  and “happily ever afters” than any other Billings marketing or advertising agency is a great place to start.

Using the contact form is a great way to connect with a Billings marketing agency who, like a good Olympic coach, can help guide you to top line revenue success.


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