The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing in Billings

Today’s post is from Sally Ormond who writes for Small Business  Sally asks a basic question.  What is the difference between marketing in Billings and advertising in Billings, or anywhere for that matter?  My editorial comments on her ideas are interspersed in the article.

Advertise or be marketing in Billings

The Difference between Advertising and Marketing in Billings

If you think marketing and advertising are one and the same, there’s a pretty good chance your marketing efforts are being less than successful.

If you cast your mind back to the bad old days, companies would advertise to you left right and centre. You would be bombarded by less than subtle sales messages wherever you went.

Our TVs, magazines, newspapers, radios, billboards, and mailboxes were full of ‘buy from us now’ messages desperate to grab your hard earned cash.

But the landscape looks very different these days, with businesses moving away from advertising and towards marketing.

Editors note:  there is a lot of “touchy feely” conversation going on today about marketing or advertising.  Touchy feely guys are about “joining the conversation”  or extolling the virtues of blogging and social media.  There is only one thing to focus upon.  Your top line success.  Don’t get talked into the latest, greatest thing.  Ask “is what I’m doing in my marketing in Billings working for me.

Nope, still don’t get it

In that case, you’re probably a business that has dabbled in social media, blogging, article and video marketing only to decide that it doesn’t work for you.

Well, the reason it’s not working is probably because you’re still advertising rather than marketing.

Let me explain.

If you’re advertising, you’re effectively shouting at your customers ‘buy now’ with little regard for what they actually want.

Perhaps that approach used to work for you, but today’s consumers want more than that, they want to be appreciated, wooed and persuaded.

Editor’s note:  Solid explanation of the difference between marketing and advertising.  There is a generational component to take into consideration here.  Younger consumers do want persuasion to win the day.  Recognize when you are marketing in Billings, the audience is much older than writers from either coast are targeting.

The subtle art of marketing in Billings and elsewhere

Today’s marketing channels are social media, video and article marketing and blogging. Each of these disciplines offers the consumer engagement, information, and advice – effectively something for nothing. Or at least that is how it appears.

You see, people now want to feel as though you, as a company, value them and their business. They don’t just want you to come along, take their money and then head off into the night.

Editor’s note:  Another way to say this is people say they want customer service.  But then, they rush to Wal Mart to spend their money.  Your customer service levels need to be extraordinary.  That’s a metric very hard to measure.

Today, you must engage with them, talk to them, offer them great information, be responsive to their questions and generally take in interested in what they want. And that’s why you must market and not advertise to them.

You see, marketing is all about getting to know your customer and being interested in what they really want, their likes and dislikes and being prepared to chat with them to build relationships.

Think carefully about them and how your product or service will benefit them and then show them.

The days of the blatant advertising are numbered; today your consumers want more. Talk to them, engagement with them and give them something for nothing. As you do so something magical happens, they begin to trust you and that trust will be manifested in the form of their credit card.

Market to your customers and they’ll be customers for life.

Final comments on marketing in Billings.

Sally wrote an excellent article on the differences in the two approaches.  I’m reminded of the way advertising has changed when I watch Mike Rowe do a Ford Truck commercial.

The bottom line is really the top line.  Do your efforts in marketing in Billings add more customers and generate more sales?  Likes, tweets, posts, photos, and shares are great.  Dollars are better.

You can get help with your marketing in Billings free. There is no charge or obligation to draw upon more than 80 years of marketing experience.  Unless you are satisfied with your marketing in Billings, you might want to check out the free offer. 


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