The Election Does Not Matter to Your Business Marketing

crowd of shoppers from examiner.comI’ve heard from a number of marketing clients in Billings over the past few weeks worrying about what the election is going to bring.  Will it be Romney or Obama?  What will they do to help/hurt my business?  Who will win the Governor/Senate/House and what will they do?

None of that really matters.

Shopping always trumps politics.

The amount of shopping for hamburgers at McDonald’s on Central or Main is more important than the debt ceiling debate. The amount of shopping for beer at the local convenience store is more important than any contest for President. And the number of shoppers occupying the aisles of Target and Wal-Mart is more important than the number of protestors occupying Wall Street.

Marketing to Buyers

People want to buy.  Sometimes its products they need. Sometimes its products they want. They bought those products throughout the first Great Depression.  They have bought them through the second Great Depression.  People want to buy.

In spite of all of the traumas that have occurred in our country whether 9/11, Watergate, partisanship, wars, bank failures, foreclosures, or depression, people were still buying and will continue to buy.

There has always been a doom and gloom vibe that goes around.  I remember my father storing his dried food rations, guns, and ammunition in the late 60’s and early 70’s convinced the United States was doomed. I wonder what he would say today.

Marketing is simple at its core.  Attention, interest, desire, and action.  These are the four steps in the buying process every person who is going to buy your product passes through.  These are the steps your marketing must touch if you hope to make a sale.

Are you going to be found when they are ready to make that purchase.  Are your prospects going to think of you when they are ready to take action?

Making a Smart Marketing Choice

Your choice of marketing method may be based on a number of different considerations from price to reach to your perception of its value.  Unless you have unlimited money to use in marketing, radio should be an important part of your mix.

Getting to the top of your prospects mind is important. Being “locally owned and operated” in your marketing does not scare Wal Mart in the slightest nor does it put you ahead of them in your shoppers mind.


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