Three Answers to Why Would I Buy From You?

The answer to that marketing question is the difference between doing very well and wondering what in the world just happened to your Billings business idea.  Getting a high quality Billings marketing agency on you side at little or no cost is a great way to get an unbiased view of these answers.  Jim Connolly, writing in, was the inspiration for this post.

Why would I buy from you?

Here are the three areas (questions) to focus on and answer.

1. Why should someone hire you or buy from you, rather than one of your competitors?

Billings marketing based on unique Selling propositionAnother way of describing this is the USP.  The Unique Selling Proposition.

Make the USP the point of your marketing. Its what makes you different. Its what stops you from selling by being ‘cheapest’ and makes you the best solution to your prospects problem.

Your answer should not be ‘we try harder’ or ‘we offer the best customer service’. Everyone says that. Your answer or answers should be backed up with facts not glittering generalities.

2. How much referral business do you have?

If you are not seeing a steady flow of referrals from your existing clients, find out why and fix it. Find out who your most champions are and learn why they like you so much. Then, share it.  The clients who like you do so because you solve their problem.

Finding the answer to why you are recommended (or not) is another answer to why would I buy from you?  It also can be another way of seeing your USP you may not have thought of as yet.

3. How many sales leads do you get each day from your “silent” salesperson–your website?

A third answer is to see what people are viewing on your website.  Your website should be a lead generating machine for your business. It should be there, ready to be found at the point when a prospective client or customer wants to hire an expert or buy. Your site should be working hard for you.

Get a Handle on Your Marketing–Free

Unless your business is marketing, it can be hard to get a handle on all the aspects and opportunities you have to marketing your product in Billings.  At the end, letting people know what kind of solution you have to their problem that is better than others will be crucial to your success.  A high quality Billings marketing agency can not only help you understand your USP from the consumer side, but can also develop your marketing plan.

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