Understanding Radio Ratings Place in Billings Marketing

Much money is allocated by Billings marketing agencies and advertisers based on the opinions of 14 households.  That is the number of homes who respond to questionnaires about their media listening preferences in a given week in Billings.

14 households.

Those 14 households are made up of an average of 3.2 people over the age of 12. These people have agreed to complete a record of their listening for a one week period.  This record is supposed to be done in a timely fashion.  For doing this work and making their opinions known the respondent gets this:

Billings marketing radio respondents get $1

One dollar.

Spring ’12 Radio Ratings in Billings

You can get the results of this Springs survey of 14 households here, here, or here. (some subscription required)  Its the breakdown of radio ratings in Billings over a 12 week period.

There’s a catch.  Not all the stations are even listed. The number one radio station among people over the age of 12 in Billings is not.  (No, KCTR is NOT the number one radio station in Billings.)

Now you know some of the survey limitations. Can we look deeper to see if there are any nuggets of useful information?  Should you with such a small sample?

Ratings and Use in Billings Marketing

I talked earlier about all ratings being “estimates” and guides.  The Billings Gazette estimates the amount of traffic to their website or the number of issues it sells daily.  Television and cable stations estimate their audiences as well.

The important thing for businesses to understand is the source and the quality of the estimate.  If Scott Rasmussen of Rasmussen Reports had done the estimate, I’d feel pretty good about it since his track record is excellent.

There is some degree of usefulness to radio ratings in Billings.  It is NOT by differences in share between stations.  It is really NOT by differences when you start pulling apart the information by age/sex usage.

Professional Billings Marketing Help

Using radio ratings in your Billings marketing will be much enhanced by an expert third party.  Getting a professional Billings marketing agency to help you plan and execute your marketing plan is a great start.  The plan should cost you less than the dollar on the page.




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