When Doing Nothing Costs You Too Much

Standing still means you are losing ground in your Billings marketing.  It is even more true today than ever.  High speed is everywhere.  Communication is instant.  NBC is getting hammered on its Olympics coverage regularly, enough so that the Executive Director of the coverage took to Twitter to defend his work this week.

Billings marketing expertsA common small business ailment is paralysis by analysis.  You have so much data, so many ideas, and so much advise doing nothing seems like a safer choice.  Routine feels safer.  Doing the same things you have done in the past could give you the same result.

But will they?

Billings Marketing In an Zero Sum Market

As a generally isolated market, Billings marketing is almost a zero sum game.  Meaning, Billings is still a very slow growing marketplace.  If you are going to grow your business here, it is going to be at the expense in many cases of a competitor.  If you open a new restaurant, you are going to have to motivate more people to eat outside the home, or take share from other restaurants in town.  Same with hardware stores.  On Billings west end, Ace Hardware opened down the street from Billings Hardware.  Scheels is building a bigger better store on the west end too. The battle is on for market share.

Top line growth is the number one indicator of business growth and success.  If you are growing your total revenue, the chances are you have been making changes and improvements in your operations. If your revenue is stable or falling slightly, you might be victim of something gaining on you. 

Businesses that began even as little as five years ago, have at least 10 new ways to market and use the various Billings marketing outlets to grow your business.  It is not as simple as buying an ad in the newspaper and count your money.

No one likes change.  That’s a universal whether you are in business in Billings or Miami, Florida.

Changes in Billings marketing

What have you changed in the way you handle your Billings marketing that is different today than it was in the past?  Did you get help in ideas, placement, or planning?  Have your thought about hiring a business consultant to look over your systems and suggest changes to your work flow and products?

Your Billings marketing must build traffic to your business.  The traffic will translate to revenue. The revenue is your top line.  Getting an advantage in making your Billings marketing work for you is worth trying something new.

“Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you,” the oft stated quote from the immortal Satchel Paige.

It is true in baseball, and in Billings marketing too.


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