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Elsewhere in the blog, I have a complete view of my thoughts on using Cable TV as a marketing medium in Billings.  There are some reasons to use cable, but despite its low initial expense, the market penetration is so low as to leave the business owner uncovered.  Only 27% of the households in Yellowstone County are covered by the largest cable operator (Bresnan/Optimum).  With less than 10% of the local channels even carrying commercial inserts, cable should only be used in specific targeted purposes where you can afford a large number of cheap, seldom watched or heard commercials.

After that blistering review, I want to give the other side of the story.  The Cable Advertising Bureau put together a pretty good SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of the medium.

SWOT for Cable TV advertising

Full study and more information available at

Cable TV does appeal to ego in a large way as you might be able to tell from seeing all the local advertisers in their own TV commercials.  In Billings, there is a production issue of TV commercials versus the better produced national quality commercials.  While the viewer probably can’t or doesn’t verbalize this difference, I believe it does affect the performance of the marketing.

Marshall McLuhan famously said, “The medium is the message

Do you want your marketing looking second or third class against the latest advertising from McDonald’s or Coca Cola?  Unless you have a dominant message, you are better off to think twice.


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