Aida is Missing; Amber Alert Issued

OK, so it’s a cute little pun and Aida is not really a missing child.

But Aida is missing all over Billings. It might be easier to classify it as its acronym.  And its an acronym that will bring you success if you know how to use it properly.  Unfortunately, there is a secret to using AIDA.

AIDA is a formula that never fails to bring you new business. Because its a formula, it will consistently and regularly work to help you grow.

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA)

Its been suggested 90% of all copy lacks these items in the proper order.  As a result, it doesn’t work.  There is one more thing you copy must have for AIDA to work her magic and cause your cash register to ring.

Actually, its not THAT big of a secret.  It’s probably the reason you went into business in the first place.  Your audience or customer must first have a problem.  Second, your product must solve that problem for them.

AIDA copywriter for sale–$50,000 please

One of the world’s best copywriters is a guy who used to work in Billings. He now charges $50,000 or more for a single writing project. In a blog post the other day he did such a great job encapsulating the distractions that befall most businesses, I couldn’t do better.

  • Making sure the website/letter/mailer/brochure looks slick and “big time”.
  • Looking impressive to their peers.
  • Talking about themselves (“we’ve been in business 20 years”… “we’re the Number One company in our field”…). (how many times have I heard THAT in Billings)
  • Being “creative” or “funny” without knowing if that helps get the potential buyer to their goal.(#2 most over used idea)
  • Being “professional” (boring and safe) while sacrificing sales and prospects.
  • Being lazy and using the same tired “un-targeted” approach for every piece of copy.
  • Writing the copy themselves without knowing what really works in copy, and why.

Do you recognize any of those traits in your copy?  How about when you talk to customers about solving their problems face to face?  Wouldn’t you like to have great copy making more sales for you easily?

The next time your newspaper or broadcast account manager tries to write a piece of copy for you, put it to the AIDA test.  AIDA applies to everything you do, not just copy when it comes to sales.

I have the formula!

You can have great copy.  You can grow your business with it.  You only have to make one more decision.

First a recap of AIDA.


Did I get your attention in this post..(hopefully my cute opening made you look it over)


Second, I wanted to grab your interest by telling you of a secret formula to help you make more money. Every business person wants to make more money.  I have the formula to make that happen for you.


Third, I promised you too can have great copy if you want it.  Getting great copy doesn’t have to cost $50,000–but great copy can MAKE YOU much more than that. I showed the formula behind great copy.  Knowing the formula does not make you an expert.  Only 30 plus years of writing experience using the formula can do that.


And finally, the action step I want you to take is recognize you could use professional help.  The kind of professional marketing help to make your business grow.  The end action I want is for you to pick up the phone and call, or hit the contact us page here on the web site.

Like algebra, the formula is pretty self explanatory.  But its dangerous in the hands of many Billings business owners.   Copywriting is an art, a craft.  The right words, put together properly, and delivered to a customer with a problem could mean the difference between success and failure.

AIDA is that important

Getting the words right is that important.

If you could have award winning pros write your copy, or slog it out yourself and hope for the best–I know which one I would choose.


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