Best Advertisement in the World

The secret of the best advertisement in the world

Really, its not that much of a secret.

All marketing works to help your business grow. I can not remember a single marketing program that has ever failed to produce results for a client.

Not one of these programs failed.

There is an if.


The marketing targets prospects most likely to buy.

The spend amount raises prospects awareness

The offer meets the needs at the time the prospect wants to buy

There are at least 20 different marketing channels you can use in Billings and Yellowstone County

Cable, newspaper, TV, radio, billboards, bathroom walls, ads on random TV sets placed in businesses, Facebook, ad words, daily deal coupons, direct mail, flyers, event marketing, yellow pages, magazines, free print publications, and even trade shows.

That’s 17.

I’m sure I left a few out. They all work

If you solve the if.


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