Marketing That ALWAYS Works

This ALWAYS works

No matter what or how you approach it, this method always returns results in your marketing.

Its not so much a method as it is a strategy.

Shiny new marketing objects

A lot of small business owners, clearly not you, run around and grab at the shiny new object and don’t think anything about strategy in terms of their marketing. They buy the “lowest” price. They let an agency “handle” the media reps for them. They believe all marketing is the same.

Strategy is not high on the list.

Oh well.

Hopefully one of those guys is your competitor. They’ll run out of money chasing squirrels all around marketing, looking for the next “big” idea.

The secret Billings marketing strategy

The strategy that always works?

Know your target, create an engaging message, spend an effective amount of money, and make a great offer.

Stay the course.

It has worked since the days of Wanamaker and Macy.

It ALWAYS works.


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