Business Profits Should Matter in Billings

Here’s a secret about business profits and marketing companies in Billings.

Most agencies don’t care if you make a profit or not.  The only top line they are concerned with is their own.

Simple true statement.  The agency business as it is constructed most places in America is about generating fees, not your profit.  Worse, there is little or no value added at all.  They liquidate your money just as quickly as they can get their hands on it.

Solving profit problems

Solving problems?  Not on the list.  Or if it is, there’s lip service paid.

If it doesn’t “work”?  Oh, well.  Spend again.

Billings example.  More than 63% of the population in Billings is over 35 years of age.  The agency buyers dictate 25-54 which has only about 46% of the market population.

Or they spend an inordinate amount of money in print.  The Billings daily paper only reaches 41% of the population according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Why do you let that happen to your business?  To your business profits?

Fixing your business profits with outside help

Better yet, what are you going to do right now to fix it?

If I were hiring a marketing company to help me, I would want someone who took responsibility for helping me grow my profits by growing my top line.  I would want an agent who understood my business, my strengths, my weaknesses, and above all who my customers were and what they wanted.

Here’s a radical idea.  An ideal marketing agency should have your clients interests first.

What you like is not as important as what your customer likes.

The profit and value equation

The value an agency should bring is as a partner in your business.  It can’t really control profit since there is little expense side of the equation for the agency.  But your partner ought to take your top line growth very seriously, just as they take their own seriously.

Marketing gets traffic to the door or in your store.  And you should “Always Be Marketing.”

When you make marketing into a commodity, you lose.

Ben Elowiz in Ad Age said it best.

Create an offering that can’t be price-shopped or commoditized…Scarcity of sources with huge reach and a product that cements relationship for life could be a killer combination.

Marketing is an art form cleverly obscured with science.  If it were science, simply copying the efforts of McDonalds ubiquitous advertising would be enough to generate big business profits for you.   Applying science to marketing gives uncreative types a way to justify their poor decisions.

The relationship between you and your marketing help should about ideas, creativity, and business profits.  Not who can liquidate your budget fastest at the lowest cost.



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