Does Your Ad Agency Do This?

I read a LOT.  I’m constantly looking for new ideas and ways of marketing my partner businesses in Billings and Montana.  The idea is simple.  Your business is your business and you have enough to do running it properly. I read and bring you the ideas so your job is easier.

In my company, the goal is to get you more customers so you sell more stuff.  When I read a post from a former digital strategist for the Tribune Company about the “ad agency of the future,”  my eyes got really big.

See what you think of these 10 points.  I think they are wrong in a very big way.

1. Develop the right creative across multiple media (radio, television, search, mobile, social, display ads, outdoor, etc). And do it on a modest budget.
2. Create the right marketing mix for a client that delivers their consumers from total unawareness of a product right to the cash register.
3. Track consumer interactions with a brand–from ad consumption to user generated content to social media and beyond.
4. Adjust a campaign on a continuous basis to optimize reach and engagement with the client’s target audience. Not just sign-and-seal a campaign, but babysit its progress from start to finish.
5. Develop a strategy for interacting with consumers who are reached by any broadcast/print media involved in a campaign.
6. “Just do it.” Get the job done. Don’t take up too much of the owners time. But you’re accountable for the campaign’s performance.
7. Hire and retain competent people. Don’t blame technology or personnel for interruptions to my campaign. Be iron clad.
8. Build campaigns that have staying power with creative that can easily translate across multiple media outlets–and creative that can be updated with time.
9. Deliver customers to my store and show me that their purchase was directly linked to the marketing I purchased through your agency.
10. Take responsibility for the company’s top line revenue.

Two thoughts on the list.

One, this better be the work your agent is doing for you RIGHT NOW–not in the future.

Two, the list is backwards.  Top line revenue is the reason any of us are in business.  If the work I and my partners do does not help your top line revenue, we should not get paid.

Award winning campaigns and pretty ads or websites do not mean anything.

Getting more sales and top line revenue does.



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