Don’t Take An Arrow in Your Back

I ran across this bit of advice the other day.  Considering the Custer re-enactment was just a couple of weeks ago near Hardin, Montana, I thought it was oddly fitting.

Don’t get an arrow in your back

I can not believe the number of social media evangelists in the world today.  Every freaking one of them is an expert is some fashion or another.  All willing to sell you their latest auto posting, auto answering, traffic driving, join the conversation gadget that will make your business explode.

What a bunch of stuff!

First, Twitter and Facebook have barely 6 years of operation as businesses.  While it IS true more than half of the population of Yellowstone County has a Facebook account, it is NOT the case they want to have marketing messages shoved at them.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a Facebook ad, much less went to a brand’s Facebook page.

Social media evangelists rabidly promote their “new” medium, apparently unconcerned that it is largely unproven and in many cases ineffective.

I resist them because I live by this adage: “Be not the first to cast the old aside nor the last to accept the new.”

Gambling on a technology or methodology that has not demonstrated its value makes your chances of failure high.

There is truth in the observation: many pioneers have arrows in their backs.

It’s the same reason I generally don’t buy the newest, latest, model of anything.  I wait till the bugs are worked out.

This applies well to marketing.  Let a few others test it.  I’ll benefit from their mistakes and profit from their effort.  There is still time to let others get the arrows.

General Motors just dropped Facebook from their ad channels.  They STILL use Facebook pages as ways to communicate with their customers–they just don’t advertise.

Conversation?  Hmm.  Now there’s a marketing idea that works.



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