Hire Anyone?

Making a decision to hire an additional employee or outsource your work is a big deal. its even bigger when you consider how much affect on your livelihood that hire can be.

Especially when it comes to marketing.

See everyone can do marketing. Just ask. The kid who graduated with a degree in marketing from school who has never really asked or written a research question can, your plumber may have a clue he thinks, and lord once you ask your friends you’ll never hear the end of their marketing expertise.

So if marketing is so easy, why do so many businesses fail? All business starts out with the idea of providing a product or service they can offer others for pay.  The goal of the business is to provide the service for less than a customer will pay for that service.

True, there are occasions when the product isn’t good enough, or there’s not enough money to keep the company going. There is ONE common answer to these challenges.

Not enough sales

Sales come from telling the right people about your product often enough to get them to buy it.

It comes from marketing of your product.

So what do you do when it comes to marketing.

Ask the plumber?  The recent college grad?  Your local media sales rep with their “Daily Deal”?

Why not hire a professional marketing company

It seems like this would be the kind of person you want on your side when failure is NOT an option.

Your “help wanted” ad might say you want:

A person who understands and has purchased, written, and developed successful traditional media (tv, cable, radio, billboards, print) campaigns for your kind of business.

A person who understands how to build, design, and execute digital products promotions (social media, pay per click, banner ads) and is AdWords certified.

A person who has planned, developed, and executed promotion events in businesses like yours with proven success.

A person who works cheap and cares personally in the growth of the top line number of your business.

Actually, I swiped a bit of that copy from a real help wanted ad in the industry paper “Ad Age”.

You can hire that person.

Or let your cousins daughter who completed her degree at the local college handle driving your sales.

Most marketing companies and ad agencies in Billings are perfectly content to give you advice for a fee or to just buy the media you tell them to buy.  No boat rocking.  No focus on your needs.  There’s even one company who take a “retainer” fee.  I haven’t figured out what they are being retained to do other than just keep the media sellers out of the business.  Hey, if it works for you…

If you want a marketing agency relationship like that, you can stop reading now.

I believe to be an effective marketing or ad agency, the agency must become a part of your organization.  Making the agency part of your company is the mission. The result of an agency’s work is measured by the increase in your top line income. I think you want someone who is as invested in your success as you are, not another paycheck or invoice to pay.

You want someone who will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear.

If that’s you, then hiring just anyone won’t do.


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