My $8.6 Million Dollar Education

I spent 8.6 million dollars on my education

How much did you spend for your college degree?

I figured the other day I had 8.6 million dollars invested in mine.  Maybe it was more than that, but it sure was not less.

After writing, producing, performing, measuring, adjusting, reproducing, rewriting, editing, buying, cancelling, placing, conceptualizing, being hired, getting fired, reaching success, and scratching my head, I got the big picture.

All marketing works when you get the “if” right.

Getting it right takes more than pretty pictures, an MBA degree, or a $150 an hour strategist, or a great graphics talent.

The “if” requires you do the work to produce the marketing to help bring prospects ready to buy to the clients business.

A cost per point, or a time spent reading number, or an average viewer does not buy anything.

Only getting all parts of the “if” right works.

When your education cost $8.6 million dollars, you have had a lot of opportunities to get the “if” part of the marketing puzzle right and a lot of other opportunities to learn.

There are at least 17 different marketing channels you could use in Billings and Yellowstone County.  You can solve the “if” question in your marketing.

For a lot less than $8.6 million dollars.



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