The Enemy of Communication

I’m wondering along minding my own business and thinking about what I really do for a living when I come upon this carefully written content piece from a “marketing” company.

“In an age of media clutter and hype, a product must advertise itself, stand alone and contain its origin, source and standard of quality in one word or symbol. History has proven that the ideal trademark must be simple and unique, distinctive and – most importantly – memorable.”


What can we do for you?


(company name removed) specializes in strategic marketing, advertising and online media communications enabling us to create and implement the representation of your brand and messaging. These mediums will assist in the successful advertising of your brand and its marketing strategy. A company’s image helps the customer reduce the anxiety of the unknown by providing the assurance of an old friend. The right image will assist the customer in the complex task of deciding which choice to make. It is in the details that a brand/service/product is judged. By acknowledging this, Ingenuity strives to build brands and marketing goals which not only show results, but leave lasting impressions for years to come.

Was that impressive?  In you look at the site, it gets a BS rating of 75 which is astronomical.

I hope not. Thankfully it wasn’t a company from Billings.  

I’ve read it twelve times and I’m still not sure what it said.  And I help people market their companies for a living.  I’m just glad they didn’t really confuse me by adding industry jargon and double speak in their statement. 

So I thought there has to be a better way to say what I do.

How about this?

Hiring me will get you more customers so you can sell more stuff.

Thirteen words to explain what I and my partners do to help your business.

After all, isn’t that why you invest money to market?


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