Marketing:The Water For Your Seeds

There’s a new small business marketing book available which suggests a pumpkin patch is an ideal way to think of marketing your Billings small business.  It’s a seven step process.

Only one of the seven steps is focused on marketing.  See if you can identify it

Marketing Your Pumpkin

STEP 1: Plant promising seeds

STEP 2: Water, Water, Water

STEP 3: As they grow, routinely remove all of the diseased or damaged pumpkins.

STEP 4: Weed like a mad dog.  Not a single green leaf or root permitted if it isn’t a pumpkin plant.

STEP 5: When they grow larger, identify the stronger, faster-growing pumpkins.  Repeat until you have one pumpkin on each vine.

STEP 6:  Focus all your attention on the big pumpkin.  Nurture it around the clock like a baby, and guard it like you would your first Mustang convertible.

STEP 7: Watch it grow.  In the last days of the season, this will happen so fast you can actually see it happen.

Right there at step 2…water, water, water. Maybe a little marketing fertilizer should go with that water too.

The Pumpkin Plan of Marketing:Your Billings small business

The book; The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field by Mike Michalowicz is deceptively simple, but very accurate in the steps of making your business grow. You could even shorten the book further by cutting in down to three steps.  The pumpkin analogy probably doesn’t work in three steps, but here they are.

  1. Start with a product or service that meets the needs of a certain group of people.
  2. Tell them about it with one or multiple marketing approaches.
  3. Continuously improve the product and make it better.

Business is no more complicated than that.

A Short Season for Pumpkins in Billings

Once you have a product or service selected, the biggest part of the process is ahead of you.  Choosing a marketing approach and effort to build your traffic and expose people to your product.  You got into business to fix a problem. You are expert at building or making or finding a product that solves the problem.

An expert marketing partner, instead of an ad agency can make the difference in your ability to continue to grow and refine your product.

Watering the seeds works.  Knowing how much water to use and how often to water doesn’t require an expert to help with your Billings small business.  But it sure helps the pumpkins to bloom.



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