Why overpay for a media who get only 4% of media usage

In Billings the media with the lowest usage has some of the highest rates. Print only gets 4% usage, but 40% of the ad spend.

While this is just one graphic laying out how time is spent with media in this country, here is another one.  This time from the digital people.

Print ad spend is 4 times the amount of attention paid it by consumers


Why does this happen?  Why does print get only 7% of the attention of customers, yet agencies spend a lot of your money there.

It’s not commissions for the agencies.  Print is generally not giving up a single nickle in commissions to agencies.  It’s even simpler than that.

Print requires graphics.  Graphics take time to build.  Time can be charged on a by the hour basis.  Agency makes more money with print. Does this have anything to do with your business and its profit?

If you answered no, you are right.  Now would be a good time to fix it with a partner who puts your top line revenue above their own.

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