Named as the best Program Manager in America by a trade magazine, Ray Massie has led some of the biggest radio stations in the country.  From being hand picked to start a new radio station in San Francisco, managing and performing in Philadelphia, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, to writing, producing, and directing a local television series on a CBS affiliated station, Massie was in the middle of it.

For thirty seven years, his work in direct mail, radio programming and promotion, market research, event development and execution, and talent coach made Massie one of the most sought after brand managers in radio.  His work with legendary brands at CBS and Clear Channel, strengthened and improved on already successful operations and turned them into dominant market leaders.

Massie’s work at radio stations produced six Marconi nominations, four shows nominated as the best in the industry for their market size, and two station of the year nominations.  Two of the shows Massie helped coach were winners of the Academy of Country Music Major Market Personality of the year award. In addition to the national award as the best Program Manager in America, Ray was also named one of country music’s top 10 radio programmers four times.

Awards seemed to follow Ray in marketing.  He personally won two Addy Awards for outstanding writing and production of commercials for small businesses.  He has written and produced a number of television commercials for law firms, television awards shows, and concerts.  One of the highlights of his television work was writing and working with country music superstar Clint Black in a commercial.

Massie’s keen sense of what audiences wanted developed his company’s brands, and he went on to be an associate for one of North America’s premiere radio consulting companies, Albright and O’Malley.

In 2009, Ray began to focus on a new form of marketing, social media.  Getting in near the ground floor of this phenomenon, he quickly became a “go to” guy in use of the main tools of Facebook and Twitter.  Ray later wrote articles for business trade papers on how to use this new form of communication to small business advantage and presented a well attended live seminar in Nashville on the subject.  After the presentation, the Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, Chris Devaney told the audience, “that guy really knows what he’s doing.”

Growing up in an entrepreneurial home where his dad had two businesses running at the same time, Massie learned the trials, challenges, and rewards of operating and marketing small business.  From driving all sorts of tankers and delivery vehicles, operating his own service station at age 17, and making casting plastics for the tool and die industry, Massie became well rounded in how business works.

Everyone has a story of a teacher or professor who was part of a life changing moment. Starting with Mr. Huddleston’s Business Law class at Franklin College of Indiana, Ray focused his time in college on Business Administration and Journalism finishing up his formal schooling in 1979.

Now in Billings, Montana, Ray is working on a book of stories surrounding his experiences with artists and the music industry while he continues working as General Sales Manager for KGHL radio.  In the role of coach once again, Massie has the opportunity to work with new sales and marketing talent and help small businesses grow their traffic and be successful.


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