Social Media Marketing Fails to Work

businesses focusing on social media marketing are going out of businessSocial media marketing violates a major marketing model–which is why it fails to work in many cases.

I’m sure there are people in the group who will write chapter and verse about the benefits of SMM.  There are studies showing how it works, how much it generates, ROI, etc.

One of the big questions I have is its ability to gather attention, the first principle of AIDA.  If you don’t have a market presence to start with, social media seems unlikely to me to generate it.

Viral Marketing is Different

Certainly, if you can generate a viral buzz or meme using SMM, you are gathering attention.  When everyone is trying to create the next big thing (sorry Samsung), when do you get above the noise?  When and how do people who don’t know about your product or service find you?

The internet has become a non stop cacophony of exactly the kind of marketing people want to avoid–interruption marketing.  Look at the number of pages whose video players are set to auto play.  Add to the noise the delayed flash pop ups, fly ins, roll overs, hovers and so forth and you have a medium that is way noisier and more full of crappy unrelated content than any TV, radio station, FSI, or fashion magazine.

Marketing by Word of Mouth

How is social media marketing different?  Other than its cheap.

In the old days of Mad Men ad agencies,  three martini lunches, and expensive compelling creative only we cared about, social media marketing was called something different.

It was “word of mouth”.  To the degree brands believe they can control the thoughts and actions of people who use or diss their products is the level at which they delude themselves.


Marketing-Right Place, Right Time

Billings marketing is about right place at the right timeMarketing your business is being in the right place at the right time.  It is why Google is running ads on websites all across their network right now.  The idea?  To push the feeling their ads are the only ones that work.  After all, when you appear in search you are in the right place at the right time.

It is also wrong.

It is undeniable people almost always use just the first page results when they do a search.  42% of searchers click on the first result they get believing in Google’s infallibility of getting them the best answer.

If marketing were that easy,you could be to buy Google Adwords and call it a day.

It is not.

New Marketing World

The internet has opened up a whole new world to businesses and customers.  The new connections you can make with your current customers and connections with people who have never heard of you is enormous.

People want to do business with companies they know and believe in.  That’s why using a good mix of advertising is the best way to improve your business. With so many choices, it is hard to decide what the right mix.

There are over 20 different ways to market your business in the Billings marketplace.  No one can afford to be in all places at all times.  The use of a professional to help you with your strategic plan is not difficult or costly if you make the right choice.

You could Google for one, of course, and take the first name on the list.

Partner in Marketing

Or you could look for a partner with a wide range of marketing skills including buying, planning, writing, and producing high quality performing advertising solutions. The partner would be experienced in TV, web, billboards, print, mobile media and radio among others. Now it would be great if that first Googled name had all those qualities, but if you did not know the first company, what then?

I know which one I would take.  And it probably isn’t using Google’s first result for something that important.  At least not without additional information.  That is why your marketing mix is so important.  You have to be known in ways additional to an online presence. Your potential customers think the same way.

Professional help for your website and your marketing is only a click away.

Damn Pushy Marketing Sales People

The marketing worked and did its job.  It got traffic to your business.

Billings marketing people don't have to be pushyAnd then BOOM!  The number one gripe of all prospects.The pushy salespeople.  Many times its focused on the car lots of dealers in Yellowstone County.  You know, the ones where you feel like a piece of meat dropped on a plate (the parking lot) and watch for the hounds to devour.

OK, so that is a bit much.  But it is a description I heard the other day from a person who had just been to one of the local Billings car lots.

Pushy Marketing Salespeople Defined

It made me think about marketing and sales people in general.  What is a “pushy salesperson?”  Especially when it comes to being a Billings marketing person.

The definition really depends on your perspective.

For example,

  • if you are already a marketing expert
  • you know all there is to know about the 22 different ways to market your business in Billings
  • you can actually name all 22 different ways without looking at my blog post
  • you don’t need any more business because you can’t handle what you have
  • you don’t really have the money to market effectively
  • you buy TV shows you like because everyone likes the same things you do
  • you think of yourself as generally the smartest person in the room

Then you probably find most marketing sales people are pushy.

When a Marketing Person is a Resource to Your Business Growth

If your goal, like the goal of this blog post, is to learn everything you can possibly learn about marketing. If you want to know more about your customers, your marketplace, and different ways you can build your business, then you probably don’t find Billings marketing people pushy.

We all want to make our businesses grow and earn more money.  The best way to do that is increase our service to the traffic we have, thereby creating more traffic.  Marketing is putting your message in front of a prospective client at the time the prospect is ready to buy.

Marketing Strengths and Weaknesses

Every medium you can use to market your product or service in Billings and everywhere else has strengths and weaknesses.  All the media have their cheerleaders and their detractors.  You may have even had a particularly good or bad experience with a marketing product.

Take a couple of minutes to listen to professionals when they want to talk with you about growing your business.  The good ones are as passionate about their products and how they can help solve your problems.  It is pretty much the same way you are excited about your goods and offerings.

No one calls you pushy, do they?

If you want to learn more about marketing your business in a non pushy, consultative atmosphere, check this.  And tell your friends too.