Getting Noticed–the Key to Marketing

Getting attention for your marketing in BillingsMarketing is all about this quote from Leo Burnett:

“If you don’t get noticed, you don’t have anything.
You just have to be noticed, but the art is in getting noticed naturally, without screaming or without tricks .”

Leo Burnett: was a renowned 20th century advertising executive

There are a lot of ways to get noticed in Billings, but your marketing is really more than just getting noticed.  It’s getting noticed in the right way, by the right prospects, at the right time.

Focused Marketing Using AIDA

One of the reasons the marketing axiom of AIDA is so valuable is the truth in that phrase. Prospects are always rolling through your window of opportunity.  Your marketing in Billings or anywhere for that matter needs to be consistent and present in a target rich environment.  You cannot predict with any degree of certainty when a buyer will be available to you.

Buying cycles occur everyday.  People love to buy, but they often don’t like to be sold.  Using a marketing media like radio gives you the best opportunity to be looking for attention when a prospect is in a buying mode.

Getting Noticed is Marketing 101

What do you notice?  Is it the golf clubs or golf balls when you are watching the Ryder Cup?  If you aren’t a golfer, chances are very good you won’t even be on that channel even in passing.  To you, golf ads are a waste of time if they are even noticed at all.

To another, a golf event is a great chance to be noticed and move further into the mind of a customers buying cycle.  You have been noticed.  You have their attention.  How you turn it into interest, desire, and action is the art of good marketing.

A sporting event is a great way of getting attention when you are tied in as easily as golf, but what if you are selling stereo equipment?  Where would you want your message heard or seen?  The proper choice of media along with a well targeted message will help you sell more product.

Wasted Marketing Messages

A claim you have the “best installers in town” is an example of wasting your time and money and listeners attention.  Of course, any advertising on cable TV is pretty much a waste no matter how cheap you get it.  The levels of usage of ad supported cable TV are so low in Billings you would be better off spending your money at the Crystal Lounge.

Burnett said it.  “If you don’t get noticed, you don’t have anything.” So why would you market your product in Billings in a medium that averages less than 150 households unless its highly targeted and specific.

Or you’re feeling lucky.

Marketing on Cable is Cheap–Should Be Cheaper

Marketing on cable in Billings is cheap.  Because it should be.  Take a look at these numbers courtesy of

Here’s how to read this and add a Billings marketing spin to it.  The chart is based on on viewers and households.  In this case, 3.5% of the homes in the U.S.tuned into a portion of the Dallas/Oakland pre season football game.

One can assume Billings may have less than the national average interest in a football game with teams nowhere near here, but lets give the game the 3.5 rating.  There are slightly more than 52,000 homes in Yellowstone County.  The projection is then 1820 homes watched part of the game.

It better be really cheap in price.  The loss in marketing reach and value is huge.

Billings marketing on cableThere are some good reasons to use cable as part of your marketing mix.  With numbers this low, general cable should be considered one of the last places you put your marketing dollars.

Cable penetration and marketing in Billings

I’ve made arguments before about cable’s lack of penetration and clearance in the Billings market in the past.  When you look at the number of homes passed by cable and ratings like these, cable is almost a must pass.

A specifically targeted cable network or show, like home improvement with HGTV for example, is the way cable works best for Billings marketing purposes.  If you let cable become your first stop for marketing, my fear is you will pay for that with fewer sales and less revenue.

Billings Advertising Focus-Daily Deals

Billings Advertising Focus on Daily DealsBillings advertising comes in at least 20 different forms. Advertising a daily deal seems like an easy way to advertise in Billings.  The deals typically work like this.  The business agrees to discount their product by at least 50%.  There’s no direct out of pocket expense.  In exchange for the discount, they get advertising and sometimes get a check themselves while running Billings advertising.

What could be wrong with that?

Here’s a real life example.  Company “A” normally sells a nice dinner for $20 per plate, $40 for a couple.  They do a deal and offer it for $20–half off.  The consumer buys the deal.  The sponsor of the program (Groupon or others) advertising keeps $10. Company “A” gets $10 and a client who will definitely be stopping in the restaurant to redeem.  The business gives its dinner away for $5 per plate, a 75% discount to retail.  There are few restaurants who have a mark up that can cover that kind of loss.

Billings Advertising Daily Deals Mania

There are so many daily deal programs running Billings advertising, its hard to keep them all straight.  Living Social and Groupon are a couple of national companies trying to penetrate the local market. When I looked at these two sites today, there were no local advertisers to be found.  There’s 10 Billings Coupons which is a localized version of the 10 coupons group and operates a bit differently.  There’s Hop on It, Seize the Deal, the Half off deal, and numerous others all vying for your money as a business.

Consumers are starting to figure out these deals and avoiding them.  I’ve personally Billings advertising Daily Deals reviewexperienced buying these products only to find the business out of business when I went to use them.  Here’s another example:

Same thing happened to me today…I bought a pre-paid certificate for (removed) in Billings Montana & it went out of business & the business owner (removed) she is on FB) will not respond to me & now I cannot get a refund from her or from Seize the Deal!!! SO ETHICALLY WRONG!!! This IS considered stealing in most people’s eyes!!


Consumers Are Getting Smarter

Many businesses who buy these deals are struggling and they see this as a way to get advertising at no cost other than goods and services.  The problem is when the consumer gets burned like the one in the comment above from

And its not just consumers.  One company recently claimed Groupon ran them out of business by holding onto a check that was due the business for 90 days.   It was the businesses share of a Groupon deal they had contracted.

Being in business means having unhappy customers from time to time.  Maybe the traffic driven by these type of deals is worth the deep discounts in product. Consumers have their guard up.

Should you do Billings advertising through these deals

If you are thinking about Daily Deals as a cheap form of advertising or one that is “trackable”, I would think again.  There are better ways to spend your time and money than getting remnant advertising in the media and diluting the value of your product.