Marketing-Right Place, Right Time

Billings marketing is about right place at the right timeMarketing your business is being in the right place at the right time.  It is why Google is running ads on websites all across their network right now.  The idea?  To push the feeling their ads are the only ones that work.  After all, when you appear in search you are in the right place at the right time.

It is also wrong.

It is undeniable people almost always use just the first page results when they do a search.  42% of searchers click on the first result they get believing in Google’s infallibility of getting them the best answer.

If marketing were that easy,you could be to buy Google Adwords and call it a day.

It is not.

New Marketing World

The internet has opened up a whole new world to businesses and customers.  The new connections you can make with your current customers and connections with people who have never heard of you is enormous.

People want to do business with companies they know and believe in.  That’s why using a good mix of advertising is the best way to improve your business. With so many choices, it is hard to decide what the right mix.

There are over 20 different ways to market your business in the Billings marketplace.  No one can afford to be in all places at all times.  The use of a professional to help you with your strategic plan is not difficult or costly if you make the right choice.

You could Google for one, of course, and take the first name on the list.

Partner in Marketing

Or you could look for a partner with a wide range of marketing skills including buying, planning, writing, and producing high quality performing advertising solutions. The partner would be experienced in TV, web, billboards, print, mobile media and radio among others. Now it would be great if that first Googled name had all those qualities, but if you did not know the first company, what then?

I know which one I would take.  And it probably isn’t using Google’s first result for something that important.  At least not without additional information.  That is why your marketing mix is so important.  You have to be known in ways additional to an online presence. Your potential customers think the same way.

Professional help for your website and your marketing is only a click away.

Google is Coming! Google is Coming to Change Billings Marketing

Google has already come to Billings and it remains to be seen if they had an effect on the way Billings marketing is done.

The Get Your Business Online Montana presentation was in the Billings Depot July 19.  You have to give Google credit.  Their goal is to increase the number of Billings businesses who have websites and are online.  Estimates before Google came to town were that 58% of small businesses did not have their own website.

The one way Google doesn’t make money–or at least as much

Google can make money if you don’t have a website.  Every time you click on an ad, Google make money.

They make MORE money when you place ads using Google Adwords and they share in the clicks and revenue.  Of course, your online marketing can not work if you do not have a website.  Google has teamed with Intuit to provide hosting and a template website for a year to get you started online.

Like Free Tickets–with a Catch

Its kind of like getting free tickets to Mustangs baseball or the movies.  The real money comes from the add ons and extras you get when your are online.  Like popcorn or beer, the free tickets or entry does lead to more money out of your pocket instead of less.

Give Google credit.  Increasing the number of Billings businesses marketing online is good for their business.  They certainly make the process seem a lot simpler than certain Billings marketing and web companies.  Add to their “gifts” to local businesses of an Adwords gift card, and you have a total value of a little over $250 for each Billings business.

The promise of tomorrow.

There’s one real missing point.  You have seen it in the ads for other web template companies like 1&1 for example.

Just putting up a website doesn’t make you a web marketing genius nor does it make you a great deal of money.  In fact, just putting up a site can lead you to a false sense of security by thinking you have “done something” to make it work.  Without a web strategy, without proper structure of your site, without knowing what your clients look for when online, and without knowing what keywords to grab–this project will get forgotten and dumped within a year.

Google is a great company.  They were first to organize a search engine to be useful to people.  They then figured out how to make almost every dollar they have–ON OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT.

Not a bad gig when you think about it.

The reality of Billings Business Websites

First, a domain should never cost you more than $12-$13 per year.

Hosting, around $100 with a shared server which is all you need unless you are planning to sell things online via credit card.

That is the real cost.

You don’t need pretty, you need to be found by the products you offer.

You could use the help of an experienced Billings marketing company to get that done for you.  The structure isn’t the hard part.  The content is what makes the difference.  Google is the structure.  What are you going to do for content?