Marketing on Cable is Cheap–Should Be Cheaper

Marketing on cable in Billings is cheap.  Because it should be.  Take a look at these numbers courtesy of

Here’s how to read this and add a Billings marketing spin to it.  The chart is based on on viewers and households.  In this case, 3.5% of the homes in the U.S.tuned into a portion of the Dallas/Oakland pre season football game.

One can assume Billings may have less than the national average interest in a football game with teams nowhere near here, but lets give the game the 3.5 rating.  There are slightly more than 52,000 homes in Yellowstone County.  The projection is then 1820 homes watched part of the game.

It better be really cheap in price.  The loss in marketing reach and value is huge.

Billings marketing on cableThere are some good reasons to use cable as part of your marketing mix.  With numbers this low, general cable should be considered one of the last places you put your marketing dollars.

Cable penetration and marketing in Billings

I’ve made arguments before about cable’s lack of penetration and clearance in the Billings market in the past.  When you look at the number of homes passed by cable and ratings like these, cable is almost a must pass.

A specifically targeted cable network or show, like home improvement with HGTV for example, is the way cable works best for Billings marketing purposes.  If you let cable become your first stop for marketing, my fear is you will pay for that with fewer sales and less revenue.

Three Answers to Why Would I Buy From You?

The answer to that marketing question is the difference between doing very well and wondering what in the world just happened to your Billings business idea.  Getting a high quality Billings marketing agency on you side at little or no cost is a great way to get an unbiased view of these answers.  Jim Connolly, writing in, was the inspiration for this post.

Why would I buy from you?

Here are the three areas (questions) to focus on and answer.

1. Why should someone hire you or buy from you, rather than one of your competitors?

Billings marketing based on unique Selling propositionAnother way of describing this is the USP.  The Unique Selling Proposition.

Make the USP the point of your marketing. Its what makes you different. Its what stops you from selling by being ‘cheapest’ and makes you the best solution to your prospects problem.

Your answer should not be ‘we try harder’ or ‘we offer the best customer service’. Everyone says that. Your answer or answers should be backed up with facts not glittering generalities.

2. How much referral business do you have?

If you are not seeing a steady flow of referrals from your existing clients, find out why and fix it. Find out who your most champions are and learn why they like you so much. Then, share it.  The clients who like you do so because you solve their problem.

Finding the answer to why you are recommended (or not) is another answer to why would I buy from you?  It also can be another way of seeing your USP you may not have thought of as yet.

3. How many sales leads do you get each day from your “silent” salesperson–your website?

A third answer is to see what people are viewing on your website.  Your website should be a lead generating machine for your business. It should be there, ready to be found at the point when a prospective client or customer wants to hire an expert or buy. Your site should be working hard for you.

Get a Handle on Your Marketing–Free

Unless your business is marketing, it can be hard to get a handle on all the aspects and opportunities you have to marketing your product in Billings.  At the end, letting people know what kind of solution you have to their problem that is better than others will be crucial to your success.  A high quality Billings marketing agency can not only help you understand your USP from the consumer side, but can also develop your marketing plan.

Click the contact link for direction on finding a marketing and advertising agency to help.

Business Profits Should Matter in Billings

Here’s a secret about business profits and marketing companies in Billings.

Most agencies don’t care if you make a profit or not.  The only top line they are concerned with is their own.

Simple true statement.  The agency business as it is constructed most places in America is about generating fees, not your profit.  Worse, there is little or no value added at all.  They liquidate your money just as quickly as they can get their hands on it.

Solving profit problems

Solving problems?  Not on the list.  Or if it is, there’s lip service paid.

If it doesn’t “work”?  Oh, well.  Spend again.

Billings example.  More than 63% of the population in Billings is over 35 years of age.  The agency buyers dictate 25-54 which has only about 46% of the market population.

Or they spend an inordinate amount of money in print.  The Billings daily paper only reaches 41% of the population according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Why do you let that happen to your business?  To your business profits?

Fixing your business profits with outside help

Better yet, what are you going to do right now to fix it?

If I were hiring a marketing company to help me, I would want someone who took responsibility for helping me grow my profits by growing my top line.  I would want an agent who understood my business, my strengths, my weaknesses, and above all who my customers were and what they wanted.

Here’s a radical idea.  An ideal marketing agency should have your clients interests first.

What you like is not as important as what your customer likes.

The profit and value equation

The value an agency should bring is as a partner in your business.  It can’t really control profit since there is little expense side of the equation for the agency.  But your partner ought to take your top line growth very seriously, just as they take their own seriously.

Marketing gets traffic to the door or in your store.  And you should “Always Be Marketing.”

When you make marketing into a commodity, you lose.

Ben Elowiz in Ad Age said it best.

Create an offering that can’t be price-shopped or commoditized…Scarcity of sources with huge reach and a product that cements relationship for life could be a killer combination.

Marketing is an art form cleverly obscured with science.  If it were science, simply copying the efforts of McDonalds ubiquitous advertising would be enough to generate big business profits for you.   Applying science to marketing gives uncreative types a way to justify their poor decisions.

The relationship between you and your marketing help should about ideas, creativity, and business profits.  Not who can liquidate your budget fastest at the lowest cost.