Marketing-Right Place, Right Time

Billings marketing is about right place at the right timeMarketing your business is being in the right place at the right time.  It is why Google is running ads on websites all across their network right now.  The idea?  To push the feeling their ads are the only ones that work.  After all, when you appear in search you are in the right place at the right time.

It is also wrong.

It is undeniable people almost always use just the first page results when they do a search.  42% of searchers click on the first result they get believing in Google’s infallibility of getting them the best answer.

If marketing were that easy,you could be to buy Google Adwords and call it a day.

It is not.

New Marketing World

The internet has opened up a whole new world to businesses and customers.  The new connections you can make with your current customers and connections with people who have never heard of you is enormous.

People want to do business with companies they know and believe in.  That’s why using a good mix of advertising is the best way to improve your business. With so many choices, it is hard to decide what the right mix.

There are over 20 different ways to market your business in the Billings marketplace.  No one can afford to be in all places at all times.  The use of a professional to help you with your strategic plan is not difficult or costly if you make the right choice.

You could Google for one, of course, and take the first name on the list.

Partner in Marketing

Or you could look for a partner with a wide range of marketing skills including buying, planning, writing, and producing high quality performing advertising solutions. The partner would be experienced in TV, web, billboards, print, mobile media and radio among others. Now it would be great if that first Googled name had all those qualities, but if you did not know the first company, what then?

I know which one I would take.  And it probably isn’t using Google’s first result for something that important.  At least not without additional information.  That is why your marketing mix is so important.  You have to be known in ways additional to an online presence. Your potential customers think the same way.

Professional help for your website and your marketing is only a click away.

What If Everything You Are Doing Is Wrong?

Did you ever consider everything you might be doing in your marketing or Billings advertising could be wrong?  It is easy to get caught up in a comfort zone and continue doing the same thing you have always been doing.

But what if there was another way to make your Billings advertising more effective.  Who would tell you?  How would you know?

Where to Start to Learn

A good place to start would be with a professional marketing review.  You could read a book, watch a webinar, or even Google a few thoughts to find a starting place.  It is easier than that.  You can find an unbiased reviews like this in Billings.

Getting clean unbiased advice is always best.  Here are a couple of question to ask to make sure you are getting feedback that helps you and not the Billings advertising agency who is pitching you.

Questions for a Billings Advertising Review

Does the review cost you anything?  It should not.  While advertising and marketing seems to be a science, it is much more of an art form.  Like art, it is full of measured professional opinion.  You should not pay for an ad review.

What is the experience of the Billings marketing agency you are using?  Do they have print, internet, television, radio, and graphic experience?  How much?  Be suspicious of anyone who claims more than 10 years of social media experience.   The experience should be on both sides of the desk, both as buyer and seller, and be current.

Finally, what are the questions you are being asked?  A typical question I’ve heard some Billings advertising agencies is ask focuses on your ad spend.  There is a reason.  The ad spend is significant to the agency in regard to their income.

Think Differently (apologies to Apple)

You  want to find out what you might be doing differently to get a better result.  In the course of the conversation, the agency representatives are going to want to learn more about your business and your challenges.  What you want is an advertising agency concerned with your top line, not how much you spend.

it takes a large amount of courage to challenge the status quo.  Many businesses do not take the time.  Those who do and get help from a professional Billings ad agency like this one are the businesses who continue to grow.


Why Being Funny in Advertising Doesn’t Work

There are a lot of attempts in Billings marketing circles to have “funny” copy.  It happens in TV (the dirty dog ad or the “picky one” ads); in radio (too many to name); even in print (more irony than humor).  The reality is this.

One in five TV ads are funny, and Super Bowl ads are three times funnier than the rest. But none of this makes much difference in selling stuff, according to new research by syndicated ad-testing firm Ace Metrix.


The funniest ad among 6,500 to debut in the U.S. between January 2011 and March 2012 is a Huggies ad dubbed “Baby Wets the Room” and “Geyser” by Kimberly-Clark Corp., showing a baby boy spraying the ceiling during an erstwhile diaper change by his dad. According to Ace Metrix, that ad from Ogilvy & Mather was 12 times funnier than average. By comparison, ads from the past two Super Bowls rated merely three times funnier than the average TV ad.



Measuring Funny

Now these are all based on surveys and conversations with a group of viewers after the various events.  With the case of Super Bowl ads, they get played online way in advance today.  Here’s the real story in these funny ads.

Ace Metrix found the funny Huggies ad more effective than other diaper ads on average, it finds neither Super Bowl ads nor funny ads generally work better than others.

Trial and Traffic is Why You Market

The idea behind any advertising or marketing is to increase traffic or trial.  If your marketing does not do that, it is a failure.  All that leads to one of the biggest thoughts to come from the Ace Metrix review.

Funny ads were slightly less likely to increase desire or purchase intent than unfunny ones.

The Requirements of Funny

Your next question might be how do you measure funny?  I can find something hilarious while you might find it boring or even dumb.  Look at the difference between what adults think is funny versus teens (Bam Magera anyone)

Ace Metrix applied a type of semantic analysis increasingly used to analyze social-media buzz to the answers consumers gave open-ended survey questions.

When people used terms including “funny, lol, lmfao, hilarious, good joke” or “chuckle,” the ads were deemed funny. When at least 20 respondents out of the minimum 500 who weighed in on each ad indicated an ad was funny, the firm classified it as such. The more people who thought the ad was funny, the higher its “funny” index.

Critical Error in Thought

Stop for a second and think about that paragraph because there are at least two things about it that are really scary.  One was the methodology.  Second is the idea there are companies who measure social media “buzz” by these words.

Next time you post LOL, or ROTFLMAO on a Facebook post, think about the person who is counting your response and placing in a chart to determine the success or failure of an ad. or even a company’s product.

Funny helps an ad work.  Being relevant, informative, and solving a prospects problem will make an ad work best.

AIDA and Billings Marketing

The next time you get an ad from a Billings marketing person, Billings advertising agency, or even your neighbor down the block, ask the question–‘Does this solve a problem?’  If the answer is no, it might be time to review AIDA.  Or ask for a bit of help with your business’ Billings marketing efforts.